Information about Hygin-X Anion Sanitary Napkins

Hygiene-X Anion Sanitary Napkins are Dioxin free, Breathable, Antibacterial, Biodegradable, Products.

Designed with Unique 9 layers Protection it helps you to stay dry and fresh. Each Napkin is embedded with an anion chip that brings a host of benefits. Most notably of which are helps prevent bacteria during

Menstruation Reduces stress, Strengthens, immunity enhances metabolism removes fatigue and enhances hormonal balance.    


1.    Key Ingredients


1.      Non-woven fiber

2.      Soft air-laid paper

3.      Release paper

4.      Absorbent polymer

5.      Additional side protection

6.      360-degree wrapping protection

7.      Soft cotton surface

8.      Anion strip which antibacterial

9.      Biodegradable    

        9 layers Protection



Key Benefits


1.      Strengthens immunity

2.      Improve Metabolism

3.      Enhance Hormonal balance

4.      Eliminates bacteria

5.      Eradicates odor

6.      Reduces Stress

7.      Remove Fatigue

8.      Treats Inflammation

9.      No Harmful Synthetics & Chemical

10.  No Chlorine & Dioxins

11.  SAP Gel Technology

12.  Negative Charge Technology

13.  Ultra soft Sterilized

14.  Breathable  water Resistant bottom layer Air Circulation

15.  PH Balance


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